Thursday, March 09, 2006

this is the latest image I've was made in painter and really happy with the final result

sketch of the drawing that I later colored in painter
something I did in not really happy with the finnal image....I should have done it in painter I guess
a desing for some shirt that I want to do

this is a design I did fore some shitrs that I want to print with my firends

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

this was the first image I did in painter...I really loved doin the sketching of the image straight in painter..and Im happy with the coloring
I did this one inspired by the poison heart song


drawing I did from anatomy book for practice

sketches with markers and pencil crayons

some sketches

some concept bikes I did for a character

I did this layout for an animation assignment, now im modeling in maya
a character I made...done with markers and pencil crayons fav character of DC

sketch done colored in marker and pencil crayon

this is a sketch I did and its colored with markers and pencil crayons

this is a character I made for an animation 2 years ago...right now im modeling this character in 3d

face model sheet for my final animation

this is a full body model sheet I did last year for my final animation

a sketch I did in class and retouched in photoshop

this is the last drawing I've colored...I still have to change some stuff in it

this is a piece I did inspired by the song "closer to heaven" by astrix..I tried to keep the variety of colors low and give it a clean look, I was happy with the result :)

some random drawing I did on break, I colored with markers and pencil crayons